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How would you like to increase your chances of taking big game in Colorado? AntlerQuest can help you realize that goal by providing you with information that will greatly enhance your odds for a successful big game hunt. AntlerQuest is a scouting service specifically geared towards helping Do-It-Yourself hunters who:

Colorado offers several opportunities for hunters with low and even no preference points wishing to pursue deer and elk. Contact me today about putting together a scouting package for you. I save you time, money, stress and worry associated with planning your own hunt. I have been where you will be. Each package is personalized for each individual client or group and the information provided is new for that year.

AntlerQuest's Scouting Package includes the following

Pictures of your specific hunting area showing roads, markers, trails, camping areas, mountains, passes and anything else pertinent to helping you with your hunt. You also receive a marked up map (topographic, forest and/or BLM), showing your hunting area with key spots highlighted. Along with the maps and pictures is a detailed write up about the area telling you what you are seeing in the photographs and where on the map they were taken. The write up will also include suggestions on how to hunt your area, services nearby, driving directions and any other information that will help you have a successful hunt. GPS coordinates will be given if needed to pinpoint specific spots of interest.

Not only do I utilize information gathered in the field but we also use the latest technical data from the Parks and Wildlife Service hunt and harvest statistics to satellite imagery. By combining this information with our countless hours spent in the field, we have created a system that produces results.

I do all the scouting for you

If you are interested in our services you can download or have a HUNTER PROFILE SHEET sent to you which will more specifically help us define your needs.

The HUNTER PROFILE SHEET will ask for information such as hunt experience and ability, physical limitations, season desired, number of preference points if any you have accumulated for the species and other information that we will use to determine the best possible area for you. Please fill out the form as thoroughly as possible. After you send your Profile Sheet back with a 50% deposit feel free to contact us to go over any other questions or concerns you may have either by phone or email. The balance of your hunt is due once you find out you drew a tag. If you draw a tag, then decide not to use the services of AntlerQuest, the refund of your deposit, if any will be at my discretion.

Cost of package is dependent on location.
Starting at $1100
(Cost of group package may be more, please inquire)
Contact me today!
c 303.990.1218
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I am not a guide
I will NOT be in the field with you. If you are looking for a guide I may be able to refer you to someone. I offer scouting and consulting only.
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